Access Statement


Parking is on the road to the front of the property, there may limited parking on the offroad tarmac on the opposite side to the property

the Retreat

Access to the Retreat @ Birds Nest is via a number of concrete and stone steps through the garden not all of which have a hand rail. It may also be slippery when wet.

There is no lift at the property

Internally there are one or two steps between rooms.

Floors are largely laminates with carpetted bedrooms

Bed & Breakfast

Access to the Bed & Breakfast is via a single stone (c.20cm) step to the front door

Bedrooms are on the first floor via narrow staircase with a single handrail to the left. There is no lift at the property

Dining is on the ground floor and there are no toilet facilities on this floor.

Floors in public areas are laminates with rugs. In bedrooms they are carpet and bathrooms tile / laminate


The garden is avaiable for the use of guests. It is on many levels and paths comprise, concrete, stone, wood; some or all of which may be slippery when when. There is a river running through the garden, these are fenced or have low walls and may be crossed by either of two wooden bridges, so young children and those with mobility issus must be supervised at all times. There are a number of seating areas in the garden which are available for use by guests.